Our forecast for light snow has been updated.  The updated forecast is available below, having just been emailed out to Premium members.  To view the updated school delay chances, subscribe here.  Otherwise, the latest forecast is below:

Light snow showers begin to move in across the region over the next couple of hours.  Steadiest snow is then expected between 1 and 5 AM, moving from west to east.  Between 5 and 8 AM we rapidly clear out, with the entire region dry by 8 AM as the sun attempts to come out by late morning.  Only an hour or two of steady snow is really expected in any one location as the storm remains very unorganized.

Current snowfall estimates have been updated to a coating-2 inches regionwide.  No longer does it look like much more steady precipitation will occur at the coast, and most models backed off the more impressive liquid amounts they had been showing this morning.  Interestingly, the National Weather Service updated the coast to a Winter Weather Advisory this afternoon which was in line with our previous forecast, but recent updates indicate that this may be overdoing it as I would be surprised for anywhere to see more than 2 inches.  Amounts closest to two inches are likely across coastal New Haven County, with generally an inch or a bit less expected across Fairfield/coastal Westchester County and even less expected across inland Westchester County.  No longer is an inch a guarantee even in coastal areas as steady precipitation looks to have shifted just a bit south, lessening impacts.

Minimal travel impacts tomorrow morning are likely for the Friday morning commute.  Of course, snow will be light, so impacts will be minimal, but slippery travel looks most likely between 3 and 6 AM.  Snow will stick instantly on roadways with cold temperatures, and though it may not be too icy and snow will not be heavy it may be hard for any sand/salt to melt much of the snow, so we could see slushy/snow-covered roads into around 7 AM.  Temperatures struggle to rise above freezing, so some snow could linger on back roads later into the morning.  Accordingly, just be slow to take it slow tomorrow morning, especially if you are out before 6-7 AM, though with only an inch or so of this light snow it is unlikely to have too much of an impact.