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DAILY FORECAST REPORTS every afternoon/evening an analysis of weather over the next two weeks.  Forecasts are broken down by how nice the weather will be any given day and what threats exist that could disrupt any plans you may have.

DETAILED STORM FORECASTS published frequently during all major weather events that explain both the timing and severity of any storm expected to impact the SWCT/NY Weather region.  These include detailed analysis of the risks of power outages, road closures, and most importantly school delays/closures.

EMAIL UPDATES that deliver the latest hand-crafted forecasts directly to your inbox, ensuring that you are always prepared for upcoming storms.

HYPERLOCAL FORECASTS during storms that analyze what the expected impacts are down to the town-level across much of the SWCT/NY weather.  These allow for the most accurate impact analysis when significant weather events threaten.

EARLY RELEASE OF FORECASTS with complete access to full storm forecasts and reports anywhere from 24-36 hours before they are made available to the public.

CHIEF WEATHER ANALYST INTERACTION with comments and emails from Premium members receiving special attention and detail.  Any questions you have about upcoming storm systems are answered with further precision.

The SWCT/NY Weather Premium Subscription is our most comprehensive feature.  For long-time followers, this premium subscription contains some of the content that they came to love on the old site, but has been upgraded with new hyper-local forecasts and additional content that adds to the user experience, alongside even more regular updates to ensure a positive weather experience 365 days out of the year.

For a monthly, seasonal, or yearly fee, you have access to the most updated and hyperlocal forecasting across all of New Haven, Fairfield, and Westchester County.  This includes storm summaries that break down every relevant storm detail and potential impact, and national weather summaries that detail weather patterns expected to hit both the NY/CT region and the entire nation in the next 15 days.  Beyond that, regular weather reports quickly break down exactly what the risks are to the forecast and to specific days in the coming weeks, ensuring you are prepared for any way that the weather could disrupt your life.  Reports are designed to save you time; a 30 second glance can tell you all that you need to know about the upcoming 10 days.

That’s just the beginning of the Premium Subscription, though.  All “Snow Day and Delay Percentage Forecasts” will now be published and available for view for those with Premium Subscriptions.  These ensure you know exactly how to plan around any winter weather event.  And every forecast update, every percentage change, or every model trend is summarized and emailed directly to you as soon as possible.  Storm breakdowns will contain analysis on potential for power outages, road closures, and hyper-local timing forecasts of when the worst conditions will arrive, when travel should be avoided, when it MUST be avoided, and even when it should take place.  Storm discussions include both impact and technical analysis, hosting multiple graphics, namely weather computer models and current weather surface charts, to display broader points and even teach basic meteorology to those interested.  All long, detailed posts are broken up into sections, allowing subscribers a wide range of information that they can easily skim and pick as most relevant to their needs.

Did we mention that Premium Subscribers have access to all storm and long-range forecasts earlier than viewers of the free site?  All forecasts are released in advance on the Premium site, along with their added detail.  Premium comments are answered first, allowing members to have direct access to Chief Weather Analyst Jacob Meisel and plan travel, prepare for storms accordingly, and know exactly what the winter will entail for them and their neighborhood.  Plus, there are no ads!

So sign up here today for a Premium Subscription to SWCT/NY Weather and be the first of your friends, family, and co-workers to know if schools, town offices, or roads are closing the next day across Westchester, New Haven, and Fairfield Counties.

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