Light Snow/Freezing Rain Possible This Evening

The below forecast is part of an update sent out to Premium clients regarding chances of school and travel impacts from the upcoming light winter weather event.  To see the latest school forecast, subscribe here.  Otherwise, the update is contained below:

Steady snow is still expected to begin around 4 or 5 PM this afternoon, though scattered light snow showers are possible before then.  Overall, expect 1-2 inches of snow to fall across the region before we mix with freezing rain, sleet, and rain.  Temperatures rise through the day to be in the low 30s by evening.  Steadiest snow can be expected between 4-8 PM, with travel beginning to deteriorate by around 6 PM.  Conditions should improve rapidly once temperatures rise above freezing overnight.

The entire region should turn from snow to freezing rain and then rain between 7 and 10 PM.  The first sleet should mix in along the immediate coast by 7 PM, and we could see about an hour of freezing rain sometime between 8 and 10 PM at the coast.  Further inland, freezing rain could last slightly longer, and north of I-84 we could see icy patches linger through midnight or slightly longer depending on just how strong the cold air damming is. Confidence is high that the coastal plain turns to plain rain by 10 PM, and travel conditions there improve rapidly.

Travel is likely most treacherous between 7 and 10 PM across the region.  Snow will be light, so that will not impact travel much.  Instead, the period of sleet/freezing rain is when I am most concerned about travel.  Once temperatures at the surface rise above freezing (around 9/10 PM at the coast and around 11 PM further inland) roads return to normalcy rather quickly.

Rain will continue through the day on Tuesday.  Around 1 inch of rain is expected, and it could be heavy at times.  There is a slight chance of thunder as well between 2 and 5 PM when the heaviest rain is expected to move through.  Luckily, there is minimal snowpack across the region, so flooding is not expected to be too serious of an issue.  Generally, only scattered showers are expected through the morning with foggy conditions.  Scattered showers will be possible into the overnight hours as well.  High temperatures Tuesday get into the low 50s with low temperatures overnight into the low 30s.

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