Snow Winds Down Through 3 PM

The strongest band of snow has set up from Greenwich up to Danbury over the past hour, where we have seen snowfall rates up to a half inch per hour.  This band is expected to gradually deteriorate over the next hour or two, and was actually well forecast by the short-range HRRR model.  Total accumulations of up to 3 inches are possible under that band.

Snow will remain light and fluffy in consistency through the day today.  Gusty winds to 30 mph or so will allow it to blow around and weakly drift, which also means roads will stay snow-covered (though not quite as icy).

The forecast remains for 1-3 inches of snow across Westchester and Fairfield Counties and 2-5 inches across New Haven County through 8 PM tonight.  Short-range guidance continues to indicate that about 2 inches of snow from 11 AM onwards can be expected for the region, though slightly less may be possible in western Westchester County where the backside should move through even quicker.

The worst travel conditions should continue from now through about 2 or 3 PM.  After 3 PM we should see snow really die down as conditions improve from there.  Given only 2-3 inches of snow being widespread, however, conditions at no point are really all that bad.  Travel should improve into the evening, though light to moderate snow could continue in eastern New Haven County where conditions will be the worst.

Schools appear to have made their final decisions, and it looks like almost every district in Fairfield County has opted to dismiss early.  Given the timing of the storm, this does not appear to be the correct decision, but again with the light nature of the storm it should not be too large a deal.  Still, short-range guidance continues to show snow intensity greatly falling off between 2 and 3 PM while some of the heaviest banding will be lingering from 12 to 1 PM, meaning that visibility will be more reduced when students are leaving schools.

For schools that do not dismiss early, expect all after school activities to be canceled as snow showers linger through the evening, not winding down until at least 7/8 PM.

Snow accumulations across Fairfield and Westchester County into the overnight hours past 3 PM will be minimal.  Generally less than half an inch is expected.  New Haven County could see up to an inch or so.

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