Snow Squalls Coming Thursday Afternoon

Premium subscribers have been made aware recently of light snow falling Thursday afternoon and its potential impacts on school.  You may subscribe here if you wish to see the latest information.  However, parts of the free forecast have been released freely below as well:

This storm is only looking less and less impressive on most recent weather model guidance.  Take the latest NAM showing this.  And that’s the most moisture on a model.  The NAM may show 1-3 inches, but the GFS shows just a coating to 2 inches here.  HD ARW/NMM are similarly unimpressed here. And thus we have a general consensus that any precipitation is light and scattered as the real low pressure center forms far out to sea.  Thus, the forecast has been updated to just a general coating to 2 inches, as while some scattered amounts to 3 inches are possible, I don’t think widespread amounts to 1 inch are looking as likely.

It is the timing of these snow bursts that could make things interesting.  Here is there 3 PM on the ARW/NMM.  You can see scattered moderate snow showers across the region.  The NAM shows the same thing here.  Essentially, both these models show that between 2 and 4 PM, moderate snow showers will move across the region.  There is no knowing exactly where they will move, but these snow squalls could drop up to an inch of snow in an hour or so.  This could quickly cover roads in a powdery snow.  One round of light snow between 9 and 11 AM is likely, with these squalls in the afternoon.  Updates will be published on Twitter tomorrow as necessary so please stay tuned.

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