Slippery Sunday: Light Snow Sunday Evening

While this is no major storm that seemed to get viral attention over the internet in the last few days, there is some light snow coming Sunday evening that could pose some minor travel trouble.  The main low pressure system is moving to the south of the region and will not bring any precipitation to the area, but the upper level energy further north that the southern low pressure did not phase with will move through tomorrow evening, and at the surface we will also see a weak low pressure center.  When the low pressure hits the coast, it will briefly intensify and throw back maybe an extra inch or two of snow for the region.

Overall, what I am looking at in terms of impacts is potentially slippery roads in a snow burst that will last anywhere from 4-6 hours with maybe a few more hours of light flurries.  Snowfall rates could approach half an inch per hour at the peak of the storm, as though the snow will be brief it will be a true burst and could be briefly moderate.  Overall, accumulations are expected to be 1-3 inches regionwide, with amounts over 1.5 or 2 inches likely widely isolated if recorded overall.  It is generally expected that most regions see right around 1.5 inches of snow, as we are looking at around a tenth of an inch of liquid with snowfall ratios of 15:1 because of very cold temperatures aloft and temperatures at the surface in the mid to upper 20s.  Snow looks to generally start between 5 and 6 PM across the earlier, though it could start even a tad earlier.  It will then continue likely through 11 PM or 12 AM, with flurries possibly continuing until 1 or 2 AM.  At the peak snowfall accumulation rates could hit half an inch per hour, but overall I’d expect rates at around a quarter of an inch per hour, enough to briefly coat all surfaces and make roads slick.  Road conditions will be a little slippery past 6 or 7 PM tomorrow but not that treacherous; just make sure to take it slow and be aware of the deteriorating conditions.  At this time no school delays or cancellations are expected on Monday, though there remains a chance that a few districts will need to delay if the storm ends up over-performing.  I may need to release a few updates tomorrow for delay chances, so make sure to check back in tomorrow to see.

There aren’t many more details than that, though of course if there are any questions left unanswered please feel free to comment and I’ll get to them when I can.  The other storm I am looking at looks to be Wednesday night or Thursday, though the GFS weather model has no such storm.  The ECMWF is the most pronounced with a light/moderate wet snow storm with maybe some rain mixing in.  It is too early for details, though I can virtually guarantee this storm will not be major, but rather a nuisance.  Either way, it is still worth tracking, and I will continue to keep you updated on it.  Make sure to keep it here for the latest on all Southwestern Connecticut weather.

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