Revamping For Fall, Winter 2014-2015, And Beyond: Organizational News

Welcome back to Southwestern Connecticut Weather, where we are pleased to announce a number of new additions as we prepare for the upcoming fall and winter season.  This post will simply be organizational about all new services that we will now be offering, and this will begin the official forecasting season for 2014-2015.  We are expecting to publish continuous updates on upcoming weather and climatological updates from here on out through the winter.  The first of such updates will either come later today or tomorrow regarding a brief warm up, some thunderstorms, and a few other weather patterns through the next 10 days.

The first major announcement is that we will be officially expanding our services to both Westchester and New Haven Counties.  Previously forecasts were made primarily for Fairfield County and then extrapolated to surrounding counties, but we are happy to announce that we plan on furthering the services in Westchester and New Haven Counties so that we will publish forecasts specifically detailing expected conditions across them.  We will still publish general forecasts regarding model analysis, storm track, etc. outside of 72 hours for most storms, but inside of that we will begin to break down exact snowfall amounts across the three counties, detailing regions of potentially higher snowfall and taking into account regional microclimate.  Snow day and delay forecasts will now also be officially forecast for Westchester and New Haven Counties, with each region being even further broken down into inland and coastal.  For various storms, forecasts may go town-by-town; specific details are still pending.  Regardless, we hope to offer the same quality of coverage to both Westchester and New Haven that we currently do across all of Fairfield County.

The next major update we are pleased to announce are the additional services and forecasting packages.  For any major event that you may have coming up, or for any trip you may be taking, we offer competitive rates for custom forecasts so that you can always be ahead of any storm and prepare accordingly.  Packages vary from a basic forecasting package, which gives you custom forecasts 7 days out and detailed regional forecasts up to 15 days out, to premium forecasting packages, which can offer forecasts and data for up to 30 days out, providing updates every day or every other day along the way.  If traveling, we offer a trip package where we forecast the weather for your flight both leaving and returning daily up to seven days in advance, giving you recommendations on when you should attempt to reschedule, what times would be best to do that, and what the odds are any flight you are taking gets delayed or canceled.  We are also offering individualized forecasts, our cheapest offering, where if you do not want a full package complete with anywhere from 7-30 days of updates you can get one forecast tailored specifically to any location of an upcoming event.  Our goal is to make weather as local as possible; every single mile can affect temperature, wind direction, and outdoor conditions, and for any special occasion we want to ensure you are prepared for all scenarios.

Additionally, we are offering institutional weather consultation services for private businesses or other organizations that could benefit from storm alerts.  Currently, we are offering a FREE trial of our institutional weather consultation services for any town or school administrator; through January 1st anyone who were to sign up for this service would get briefing packages daily or every other day up to a week before any potential winter storm with detailed hyperlocal information on how best to prepare.  We have already received strong interest, and encourage all interested to spread their word to local town and school administrators to get a free service and then determine by January 1st if the service is something they would be interested in; our pricing will always remain some of the most competitive in the industry.  Additionally, we have already partnered with local libraries regarding similar services, and hope to continue spreading our services to others in the region to ensure safe travel and preparations for all storms across the region.  Should anyone have questions or interest in any of these services, they are asked to email site operator and chief meteorologist Jacob Meisel at  As a limited time offer, any institution or organization that signs up for the consultation services by October 1st will receive a detailed version of our full winter forecast; only the brief press release and summary is ever made public.

Finally, we are tentatively working on developing a premium portion of SWCT/NY Weather.  More on this will be coming in future updates through the upcoming months, but the goal here is that new, engaging content will be available through a premium subscription for our services.  This will ensure that our services remain top-notch while also becoming increasingly hyperlocal; our goal is to develop storm impact forecasts and school cancellation/delay forecasts that are not only the most accurate but also the most local, allowing all visitors to easily see content crafted for their local towns and cities.  Our promise to you, though, is that this free site at will remain here through it all, as will the twitter account at @SWCTWeather, which will continue to provide daily weather information as well as live coverage of all major storms that impact Southwestern Connecticut and Westchester, NY.

Those are some of the largest changes coming to SWCT/NY Weather through the coming season, and we hope they will allow our weather forecasting to become even more applicable, relevant, and updated so that all residents are kept ahead of any impending major weather events.  Our goal is to slowly transition this site into a year-round weather resource for any and all residents of the three highlighted counties, as well as any surrounding regions, where we will continue to offer the quality of forecasting exhibited over the last few years.  We will continue to update you about any changes, and will also begin issuing daily forecasts as well.  We still aim to have the preliminary winter forecast issued by September 5th, though we admit it may be slightly delayed by all of the new services and products we have been preparing for the coming winter.  From here on out though, you can expect occasional blog updates alongside constant twitter and 5-day forecast updates.

We hope you are as excited as we are for the upcoming changes here at SWCT/NY Weather, and we look forward to serving you as best we can!

Jacob Meisel
Chief Meteorologist and Owner, SWCT/NY Weather

5 responses to “Revamping For Fall, Winter 2014-2015, And Beyond: Organizational News

  1. Thank you Jacob

  2. Thanks for all of last year’s were better than any TV or radio weatherman! I count on you to help me figure out what days I have to get up extra early to get to work! great job!

  3. Sending you my very best wishes on your new commercial endeavors. Thank you for keeping this site free. I look forward to getting through another winter season with your good counsel.

  4. The best product will suit us. Please add us to the list and let us know the subscription rates

    Best Regards,

    Jonathan Sweeney

    [cid:image001.jpg@01CF809D.C02C8E40] [cid:image006.jpg@01CFC293.13A97F10]
    214 Central Ave, Bridgeport CT 06607
    Phone: 203.338.9696
    Fax: 203.338.9709


    • Hi Jon,

      I emailed over to you yesterday a number of packages to discuss, as I will need to know exactly what services would work best for your company to be able to achieve the most accurate quote. Did you get that email? If not over I will re-send it today, and I will be available to discuss on the phone if you were to have any further questions.

      Jacob Meisel

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