Quick Saturday Storm Update

As passed along to Premium members a couple hours ago, we have slightly increased forecasted snow amounts across inland areas while lowering ice totals.  Recent indications are that temperatures aloft could be just cold enough to support a little more snow/sleet and a little less ice with the storm:

The going forecast continues to be this: coastal areas will see 3-6 inches of snow and around or less than .05 inches of ice.  The ice forecast has been lowered due to the surface temperatures likely being warm enough to not allow significant ice accretion.  Inland, the forecast is now for 4-7 inches of snow, as the slightly colder temperatures aloft have me convinced that at least widespread snow amounts to 4 inches are likely inland, and that 7 inch amounts could be widespread enough to warrant being included in the forecast.  Far inland areas (north of I-84) could approach 8 inches in spots, but not enough for me to include that in the forecast range, as I see a pretty hard cap at 7 inches based on the marginal temperatures and the heavier precipitation remaining near the coast.  Ice inland will generally be up to or around a tenth of an inch.  Given the slightly colder temperature profiles aloft, I am a little less concerned about inland icing, so this forecast will now feature just that tenth of an inch of ice.  It may not even be reached, especially if sleet briefly becomes the predominant precipitation profile, but I have an idea that the short-range models could be overdoing this and it is likely we still see a period of freezing rain inland.

In terms of timing, snow begins in the next few hours, and now looks to remain all snow through 8 AM.  Between 8 and 10 AM it should mix with/turn to rain/sleet at the coast, though it may not turn over north of I-84 far inland until noon if it does at all, and inland just for a couple hours maybe between 11 AM and 1 or 2 PM.  It should be back over to snow by 2 or 3 PM across the region and wind down around 5 or 6 PM.

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