Quick Christmas Eve Forecast Update

Just wanted to post a very brief Christmas Eve update that the squall line I had previously been worried about impacting the region is forming far to our east, so I am no longer concerned about much heavy rain or many gusty winds tonight.  Impacts should generally be minimal, and as expected rain will be out of the region between 6 and 9 AM tomorrow, with clearing for the late morning and into the afternoon.  Temperatures will fall through the day, starting in the low 50s and getting down into the mid 40s by the evening.  Winds will be slightly gusty in the morning but will also die down through the evening.  Overall, total rainfall amounts will be near or slightly above an inch, and I doubt anyone sees over an inch and a half of rain.  The National Weather Service has also lowered rainfall amounts for the region.  This has come about because the storm shifted slightly east, pushing the heavier rain and the worst winds further east as well.

I will have more detailed free updates in the coming days, but I want to wish everyone a Happy Holidays!  There remain multiple storm threats in the medium range that I continue to watch; one is December 28th and 29th but looks to be light rain with minimal snowfall accumulations, and another looks to be somewhere in the December 30th through January 1st timeframe, which could potentially bring in actual snowfall accumulations down to the coast.  I’ll continue watching each one these and will have additional updates as necessary, so keep checking back in for the latest!

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