Officially Back Up and Running: New Post Tomorrow

I want to wait a little more before giving an in depth breakdown of weather in the next 5 days for Southwestern Connecticut as I am still waiting for some data to come in overnight that should really help with the forecast, but I plan on issuing a comprehensive forecast tomorrow in a blog update.  I wanted to post now just to create the headline on the website that we are back up and running for the 2013-2014 Winter and that updates will be running either close to or just as often as they were last year.  Blog posts will be made whenever a complex forecast needs to be made for either one or multiple low pressure systems, and they will sometimes contain more medium or long range forecasts as well.  The site will be updated daily, not just with the live Twitter feed that is updated numerous times throughout the day but also with the 5-day forecast updated every evening and occasionally during the day as needed as well as the Winter Storm Watch which is also updated each evening with updates during the day as needed.  Remember to keep it here as the first winter storms begin to churn up and threaten your normal daily routine across Southwestern Connecticut!

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  1. Welcome back!

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