Light Snow Possible Tomorrow/Tonight

Mostly cloudy skies are expected to dominate tonight with a chance of light snow later in the night.  Accumulations before 7 AM will be less than half an inch if there are any at all, with any snow being both powdery in texture and very light overall.  Low temperatures get into the mid 20s at the coast and low 20s inland.  It previously looked like steadier snow could be a threat overnight, but short-range guidance shows very few accumulations should be expected.

Winter Weather Advisories were in effect for Westchester County and coastal New Haven and Fairfield County calling for 1-4 inches of snow. They were overdone, and they were recently pulled, as Premium clients were told earlier this evening was likely.

Snow appears most likely to fall in bursts, with one burst of light snow expected to move from west to east from 12 AM through 4 AM (bringing up to half an inch of snow) and another burst moving through tomorrow morning from 7 AM to 12 AM.  Snow should not even get moderate in intensity, but could briefly cover roadways and make them a little slippery. Overall, though, this should be nothing more than scattered snow showers with briefly steadier banding at times.

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