Light Snow Overnight Wednesday Night

We continue to track a weak Alberta Clipper that will move south of the region tonight.  We alerted Premium clients a week ago now that this Clipper could bring potential surprises and disruptions in the Wednesday/Thursday timeframe.  This was before any weather models had begun picking up on the possibility of this Clipper strengthening and dropping more than an inch or so of snow.  Now, all models agree that the low pressure center with the Clipper will transfer energy to a second, rapidly strengthening storm offshore.  Around this storm will be a strengthening precipitation shield with moderate snowfall.  However, this all looks to occur slightly further south, meaning southern and maybe central New Jersey are impacted by the strengthening low pressure center while we get impacted by the dying precipitation shield to the north.  That can be observed clearly on the latest 12z NAM weather model where this is the evening, with southern NJ seeing the large moisture inflow, and this being overnight, where we get light snow showers.

The result of all of this is a forecast calling for widespread snow showers between 9 PM and 4 AM overnight tonight.  At this time, anywhere from a dusting to an inch of snow may be possible, with maybe isolated amounts to two inches if snow can get enhanced (and sometimes these Clipper do bring surprises).  But barring any major surprises, we do not expect many impacts or problems from this Clipper.  Roads may be a little slippery tomorrow morning, so please be sure to take it slow if they remain snow-covered, but that’s about it.  We will continue to watch this storm closely and will update should anything change, but right now this should be a low-impact event.

The real threats come both this Saturday and this coming Monday, as there are two potential disturbances that could bring moderate to heavy snow.  As these are medium and long-range threats, forecasts are already out for Premium clients, and updates will be made consistently for Premium clients up until a couple days before when we release our premium forecasts freely.  The free forecast will be out either late tomorrow night or Friday afternoon for the Saturday storm, so be sure to stay tuned here for that and consider subscribing for our Premium service here should you want additional advanced notice on all future storm threats.

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