Friday Morning Continues To Look Slippery

Our Premium clients just received a detailed look at the Clipper and upcoming storm threats across the region.  For those looking for school delay/closure forecasts and other impact analysis with the upcoming storm, you can purchase those percentages and the detailed Premium forecast here.  Similarly, should you wish these forecasts emailed to you at every update to keep you ahead of any school to travel impacts please subscribe to our Premium service here.  Otherwise, below is the relevant Clipper forecast:

Right now, everything appears on track with the Clipper.  Snow breaks out across the region generally between now and 9 PM, as seen on radar here.  This is right on time.  And models are coming into better agreement that we will see a general 1-3 inches across the region.  The latest RAP accumulations can be found here.  That’s right around an inch across the country with a little more inland.  The HRRR is a little more impressed now, showing this.  That’s widespread amounts of 1-2 inches across the region.  I will leave the forecast as 1-3 inches because I think some areas (mainly inland) could over perform with a storm of this nature as we have seen before.  Also, there is evidence that tomorrow morning a band of moderate to heavy snowfall will form, as seen on the RAP here.  The latest RAP for 8 AM shows it form in eastern CT here.  However, this feature is far enough away that it could certainly trend back west, especially with the western side there in New Haven County, and thus it will be something that I continue to watch closely.

So we now have this agreement on 1-3 inches with this Clipper, and to determine impacts it really comes down to exactly when the storm winds down.  The RAP generally has snow wind down by 9 AM here.  Meanwhile, the HRRR here shows snow still going in New Haven County heavy by 8 AM with some banding off to the west keeping roads slippery.  The HD NAM doesn’t even have the storm wind down until noon, as seen here, with the heavier snow leaving Fairfield County around 8 AM.  This mean that road conditions at least through 8 or 9 AM will be a little dicey.  Luckily, surface temperatures at the coast by around 8 or 9 AM should rise above freezing, so roads at coastal areas should improve fairly rapidly into the morning commute.  Inland, surface temperatures look to remain below freezing potentially through 10 AM with light/moderate snow continuing, so any morning commute up there will be a little iffy.  Again, this is only 1-3 inches of snow, so nothing major, but definitely enough to be causing some travel troubles through the morning commute. So be sure to take it slow out there if traveling and just use extra caution.

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