For Thursday: 60% Delay (inland) 40% Delay (coast)

Brief update from mobile here as I’ve been running around post-storm. From reports and information I’m receiving across the area, I’m expecting most inland districts to delay tomorrow morning due to residual very icy conditions. They are forecasted to delay, and a few already have.

For coastal areas, roads are not as hilly so they do not delay quite as easily. However, after an ice storm roads remain very icy and even at the coast temperatures overnight may drop down into the upper teens under clear skies. Radiational cooling will allow temperatures to keep dropping dropping from where they are now and any roads that remain slushy will ice up. It’s hard to know exactly what districts will delay because it all comes down to how well road crews can clean up. A few coastal may delay, but probably not all or close to all of them which is possible inland. I’ll have one more update at 10 PM tonight and it will be more comprehensive and outline future storm threats so make sure to check back for that!

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