Colder Surface Temperatures: 30% Delayed Opening Monday

We have been tracking a strong storm system that has moved into the area and stalled over the last few days.  As it slowly tracks to the east, we are noticing models trending colder at the surface, and a result is that tonight all of Southwestern Connecticut is expected to drop below freezing after a sizable amount of rain.  This could mean some icy patches on roadways, and with light precipitation potentially continuing through the night, some sleet/freezing rain could pop up.

Precipitation may not even wind down until 8 or 9 AM tomorrow, and though it will remain quite light, it could be freezing rain and sleet lightly tonight.  I had been tracking this potential, but a combination of it being a low-end chance and a lot of school-work has prevented much constant updating.  Regardless, we are continuing to update and monitor this tonight as colder air works into the area, and we will be up at 5 AM to report on any school delays should some crop up.  Again, delays are not exactly expected, as some weather models have surface temperatures remaining above freezing or have conditions that are bearable as long as roads are properly treated, but icy patches on some roadways may be enough to delay some school districts tomorrow, especially inland.  Precipitation is in a lull now across Southwestern Connecticut, but expect it to pick up off and on again throughout the night before the storm entirely moves out.  If necessary, I’ll have another update tonight at 11 PM, so be sure to check back in then for another update as the cold air marches east.

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  1. I enjoy your posts very much, and I feel like you’re teaching me a lot. Thank you.

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