Brief Free 10 PM Forecast Update

Precipitation Accumulation: 6-10+ inches inland, 3-7 inches further inland parts of coastal towns, 2-5 inches south of I-95, 1-3 inches immediate coast/beaches

This forecast update was recently published on the premium site as well:

Brief post as we continue to see warmer weather models come in here.  However, the latest 0z NAM weather model came in slightly colder aloft, showing the snowier solutions that some of our other models had been previously showing.  This is why I remain relatively optimistic that our inland snow forecast will be accurate, as I am less worried about inland snowfall amounts (some places north of I-84 still stand a chance of breaking 10 inches) than at the coast.  I still remain less worried about sleet as a whole, but continue to worry about snow sticking at the immediate coast, so have lowered snowfall amounts just by an inch at all coastal areas.  Our weather models continue to indicate that these areas will stay in the mid 30s, making it hard for snow to stick.  Really, just the same things that I have worried about last night.  The RAP and HRRR short-range models continue to come out supporting the forecast I have now.

Overall, the forecast remains on track, but I continue to expect mixing at the coast between around noon and 6 PM, with both sleet and rain potentially mixing in.  This is after the rain turns over to snow there around 9 AM…recent models indicate it may occur a little earlier.  The storm is still on track to completely move out of the region between 7 and 10 PM.

Additional updates are all available through premium, but I did want to offer the brief free update as I slightly updated the forecast to account for the changes here.  I will have continued free content through the day tomorrow as the storm unfolds and I track the formation of the rain/snow/sleet line, so be sure to stay tuned!

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