And We Are Live!


One day early, a Halloween surprise, SWCT/NY Weather Premium is being launched.  This post services as the official launch of this new service, which we hope to soon make a staple of the SWCT/NY Weather services that we offer.  This also marks the entry into the winter season for the free site, where we will continue to offer free blog posts around storms and brief 5-day forecasts.  However, a significant number of our top services have been combined with multiple brand new services on SWCT/NY Weather Premium to offer the highest quality subscription product.

On SWCT/NY Weather Premium, you receive blog posts and detailed forecast updates daily focusing on short, medium, and long-term weather outlooks.  On the sidebar, you have a detailed Storm Watch, that breaks down every detail you could need to know about an upcoming storm threat that may impact the region.  This is followed by a detailed 15-day weather discussion both for the three counties we cover and also for the nation, allowing you to be prepared for the next half month of travel even if you plan on traveling.  A brand new service, in trial testing, is an “Investing Implications” box, where we take a brief look at the investment world and how it is shaped by weather, drawing brief conclusions based on national weather patterns to show how commodity prices may change in the coming days.  This is just one small piece of advice in an extremely complex financial world, but as we have seen correlations between our forecasts and market fluctuations, we decided to pass it along to all of our subscribers.  Finally, there will be 7-day forecasts available for all 3 counties.  While the free site just has broad 5-day forecasts, the Premium site focuses in on each county focusing on temperature difference and geographic differences that can sometimes make significant differences in snowfall during our largest storms.

The main feature for Premium Subscribers, however, is the impact-focus that the Premium site will hold.  School day delay and closure percentages will now be for Premium Subscribers and will be updated further in advance and more often.  We will similarly be forecast chances of power outages and road closures through storms, and we will focus on a number of other storm impacts depending on the exact nature of the storm.  Blog posts will be more in-depth, sometimes going into the technical meteorology behind the storm, sometimes going into a deeper impact assessment, and sometimes focusing on the specific timing and possible scenarios of all storms.  Other blog posts will look out 15-20 days, breaking down on a day-by-day basis the weather that we can expect over that time, what days could feature unsettled weather, and what days we can virtually guarantee will be nice.  All of this will be done with graphical support from the weather models that we use, and we will back up these posts with similar statistical analysis that we conduct when making climate-based forecasts.  Essentially, any and all weather information that we use to make a forecast will be available to subscribers, and it will be up to you to pick and choose which information you find most useful, which will be very easy for you as we organize each post by content-type and section all Premium posts by technical/impact/timing, etc.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, then you are highly encouraged to subscribe here.  This feature will be available through not just the winter but now 365 days a year, offering in-depth weather insight across Fairfield, New Haven, and Westchester Counties.  So if you want to stay one step ahead of friends and family, know when schools are going to close, when snow could threaten your morning commute or your next vacation, or just simply whether the next week is going to be seasonal and enjoyable, subscribe today for SWCT/NY Premium and see what the next generation of hyper-local weather forecasts look like!

All long-time members can simply enter the coupon code “weather” to receive a 10% discount off their entire subscription!  And all teachers and school/town employees can input their .edu or .gov email address into the email field when setting up their account to receive an additional 10% discount!


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