9 PM UPDATE: 95% Snow Day, 5% Delay

Closures have continued to roll in this evening, as expected.  At this time, I would say more school districts have closed than have not, and any schools that have not yet closed I believe are going to close tomorrow.  With steady snow overspreading the area and the low pressure to the south now intensifying, the forecast remains on track.  Though I rarely mention models in an ongoing storm, all weather models I look at continue to show that the storm is going as planned.  I am already seeing reports of an inch of snow or so and that does not surprise me as the snow continues to pick up in intensity.  Radar indicates that there may be a brief lull and that snow may get lighter while we move from the old precipitation shield of the further offshore low to the newer, strengthening one that will give us the majority of the snow tonight.

The Storm Prediction Center recently send out a mesoscale discussion in which SWCT was included in their threat for heavy snow.  Though it was said we would likely not be in the axis of the heaviest snow, which was never expected, they highlighted what I was cautioning earlier which was that snowfall rates could reach or exceed an inch per hour in some of the banding tonight.  That makes roads absolutely treacherous and there is no way road crews will be able to deal with that.  Even 4-6 inches of this light, fluffy snow in the winds would blow around and likely force schools to cancel tomorrow, and we are getting more than that.  Due to all of these factors the forecast remains with 6-12 inches along the coast and 7-13 inches inland.  Schools are still forecasted to close across the state and I have raised the percentage to 95% as we have seen district after district close this evening.  I know a few are holding out hope that they can open tomorrow, but conditions do not look to really even begin to improve until 9 or 10 AM, and there is no guarantee that roads will be plowed or properly treated.

That’s really all I have for now.  I’ll have another update in a little but the storm generally looks to be on track and snow is intensifying on schedule across all of Southwestern Connecticut.  As always, keep it here for the latest.

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