9 PM UPDATE: 60% Snow Day, 40% Delay (inland) 55% Delay, 45% Snow Day (coast)

Snow days are now forecasted for inland towns across Southwestern Connecticut, though a few may still be able to pull off delays.  I think that conditions will be present to warrant closures in the majority of inland counties in Fairfield County, with up to 40% of districts (but likely less) opting to delay instead of cancel tomorrow.

This is based on a closer analysis of both the current state of the band and weather model projections of where this band of heavier snow will move tonight.  Inland areas will likely see up to 6+ inches of snow, while I still think most coastal towns are more in the 3-4 inch range.  The official coastal forecast is for 2-4 inches because Bridgeport or Milford could get as little as 2 inches, but even over there I expect around 3 inches.  Stamford and Greenwich could maybe break the 4 inch amount as they will receive heavier precipitation from the banding.  Again, rain starts around 10 PM, will turn to snow inland around 11 PM but snow will likely not reach the coast until between midnight and 1 AM, and then there will be around 3 hours of very intense snowfall, maybe with thundersnow, before the snow winds down and the cleanup begins.  Any town getting more than 5 or 6 inches of snow tonight will have to close tomorrow, it is the ones that don’t that are the tougher calls.

It again all comes down to how easily roads can be cleared.  Towns like Stamford have salt/sand shortages so they have higher chances of closing, but those that still have enough salt/sand and can properly treat roads I can still see feasibly delaying.  Most districts will close I believe, but at the coast I am still not convinced it will be widespread enough for a forecast.  The next update will come at 10:30 PM and by then I will be tracking the official rain/snow line and looking at real time observations as the rain falls so I should have an even better idea.  Basically, in Fairfield County, all schools will delay, and most will close, but closures are not guaranteed, and along the coast I would not expect them.  Even inland areas like Monroe and Trumbull should next expect closures as they may just get a manageable amount of snow tonight to be able to open on 2.5 hour delays tomorrow.  I’ll continue tracking this band of heavy snow to keep you ahead of the storm, and I’ll have more on the Saturday storm later once I get additional model data on it (none has come through since the last update).  Stay tuned!

5 responses to “9 PM UPDATE: 60% Snow Day, 40% Delay (inland) 55% Delay, 45% Snow Day (coast)

  1. I really enjoy this site. Your hard work and extensive information is very appreciated.

  2. how does it look for Fairfield Prep having kids come from all over?

  3. We have a half day in New Canaan, and they would cancel if we have a delay. What do you think will happen for us?

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