Schools are already closing across Southwestern Connecticut, including Ridgefield, Danbury, and Monroe Public Schools.  Some other reports will come through tonight, but whatever we don’t get tonight will be out tomorrow morning around 5 AM.  I honestly don’t see it being a very hard call due to the cold, blowing snow, and amount of snow that is falling.  Any storm where districts close preemptively it is normally a sure bet that all public school districts in the county will close.  And with the RAP weather model continuously trending wetter with more and more moisture, confidence only continues to rise that schools are going to need to close to deal with the amount of snow that will fall overnight.

Snow is breaking out now across the region as the lift finally breaks through some of the drier air across the region.  Inland temperatures are in the upper teens and by the coast they are all in the low 20s, supportive of snowfall ratios anywhere from 10:1 to 15:1 depending on upper level temperatures.  In the next half hour we will likely see snowfall pick up in intensity as it moves in from the southwest.  Once the snow picks up in intensity, latest guidance shows it will continue for quite a while in that intensity too.  So even though we are only getting really steady snow for 12 hours, it will be heavy enough that the totals of 6-12 inches at the coast and 7-13 inches inland should be realized.  Road conditions will also start to deteriorate from this point on as snow falls and sticks instantly.

Overall the storm appears to be performing as expected to this point.  No major changes, unlike that last Clipper where the night before the storm everything seemed to change and the heaviest snow was delayed 9 hours.  I am confident in both the timing and accumulation numbers I have out, and now we wait and watch this storm come together.  I’ll have another blog in an hour or two, or maybe even sooner if necessary, but for now just continue following along on Twitter and stay tuned for any updates.  I’ll be here all night.

One response to “7:15 PM UPDATE: 85% SNOW DAY, 15% DELAY

  1. I am a freshman at Staples. Based on our superintendent’s previous poor decisions on when to close for snow-days, do you think your 85% is accurate?

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