12:30 PM UPDATE: Delay 60% Cancellation 35%

Delayed openings are officially forecasted for all schools in session tomorrow in Southwestern Connecticut.  Latest reports show anywhere from 8-11 inches of snow across the region and sleet is just beginning to mix in now.  Rain will begin to mix in around 1 PM at the coast and 2 or 3 PM further inland before working up north, and freezing rain could still be a prolonged issue anywhere around or north of Interstate 84.  Total accumulations by 7 PM tonight look to be around 10-12 inches by the coast and 11-13 inches inland, higher than expected due to snowfall rates that approached 4 inches per hour during the peak of the storm today.

Tonight, I am looking at another 2-5 inches of snow across the region that will come in a very heavy burst between midnight and 4 or 5 AM.  Alone, this would likely delay the majority of schools across Southwestern Connecticut, but alongside the rest of this massive storm it almost certainly will.  Multiple districts are either on professional development days or on half days tomorrow, and I think those on half days stand good chances of closing due to storm impacts.  The only reason cancellations are not currently forecasted is because of the number of snow days that schools across the region have already had, meaning that many districts will do everything in their power to open tomorrow if they can.  I expect we may see some of those new hybrid 3-hour delays in areas, and other districts may modify their schedule to open very late tomorrow.  Of course, if amounts tonight approach 5 or maybe even 6 inches from the additional banding then I see almost no way that schools open.  I will continue to track this back band very closely, along with the rest of this storm, so make sure to keep it here for the latest.  Most updates on storm day tend to be over Twitter where I can quickly share the latest data, so keep refreshing the site to see the Twitter live storm feed or follow us on Twitter if you have not already at @SWCTweather.

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