11 PM Update: 15% Closures, 15% Delays (inland only)

Quick update will be the last of the night.  Most of the weather models generally are finding a consensus of anywhere from .5-.7 inches of QPF total from the storm, which basically results in anywhere from 7-11 inches of snow.  I am going to wait for the HD models to get a grasp on the storm before I revise my forecast any further.  As for school tomorrow, there are only two scenarios in which schools could be impacted still, but both are very unlikely.  Only scattered snow showers and flurries are expected across most of the area tonight with no real accumulations.  Further north, in the most northern parts of Fairfield County and into Litchfield County, etc. there could be up to an inch or two of snow tonight as snow may be more steady up there.  That could result in delays and/or closures depending on the state of the roads.  Again, if there were some extra snow to swing through with a very small disturbance between 3 AM and 5 AM some areas could see half an inch to an inch that could delay school, but I really think that is quite unlikely.

The key here is that anywhere south of Interstate 84 will likely not need to close for weather-related reasons.  Now, some superintendents may decide to close schools simply because they know they are closing tomorrow due to the moderate/heavy snow following into the morning on Friday.  I haven’t heard of that happening before, as most districts like to get in every day that they can, but that’s really the only reason I could see school districts in Fairfield County close tomorrow.  The snow will not be a real threat until the evening, as it will just be light and scattered throughout the day.  Once it gets going in the evening though it looks to keep going potentially until 9 or maybe as late as 10 AM on Friday, which is why snow days are so likely on Friday.  I’ll be focusing on Friday throughout the day tomorrow, though as of right now it seems like a fairly easy call.  That’s it for the night on here, and for any students still up reading this make sure to do your homework!  Unless something drastic happens in the next few hours schools should be opening on time.  Stay tuned for more live coverage of this snow storm!

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  1. I hope you are having an awesome time at college, Jacob! So glad you are still giving us cohesive and pretty spot-on predictions here in Westport. Still, Staples and good ole’ Post Road misses you reporting from right down the street. Stay safe and warm in Boston!

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