10 PM UPDATE: 55% Early Dismissal Tuesday

An Early Dismissal is now forecasted for schools in Southwestern Connecticut.  Recent trends continue to show that snow will break out between 12 PM and 1 PM from west to east, and moderate snow is likely by 2 PM.  Some guidance has a brief lull between 3 PM and 4 PM before the heavier snow sets up after then, but regardless we will likely already have close to an inch of snow on the ground by 3 PM that as I have said many times will stick everywhere.  Because of these conditions, along with a Winter Storm Warning going into effect at noon, Early Dismissals are now forecasted to be widespread across Fairfield County.  This does not yet mean that every school will dismiss early, as I am not very confident in that.  I am confident, however, that a majority of school districts in Fairfield County and surrounding counties will be releasing early because of the timing of this snow.

I will have a larger update at 11 PM once I have more time to analyze some of the latest model guidance, but I wanted to also touch on the fact that heavier snow will be hitting the region slightly earlier than expected.  There is more model support now for the idea that some of the heaviest, steadiest snow could hit southern SWCT as soon as 4 PM tomorrow.  That heavy precipitation will last at least until 1 AM at the earliest, and quite possible until 3 or 4 AM per some of the more prolonged guidance.  This means that the Tuesday evening commute will be extremely treacherous, and I advice anyone and everyone to try and get out of work early or leave school early as by 4 PM driving conditions will be very rapidly deteriorating.  I’ll have more information in a more comprehensive 11 PM update so make sure to check back shortly for that.

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