SWCT/NY Weather’s Chief Weather Analyst Jacob Meisel has quickly been identified as one of — if not the — top weather forecasters for the SWCT and NY region.  But don’t trust us…trust what our followers have to say:

SWCT/NY Weather is my favorite weather twitter and I don’t even live in the area. It has never let me down. — @kennyzimlinghau

If you really want to know about the weather forecast in our area, follow SWCT/NY Weather, the most comprehensive and accurate. — Terri Garlick, Editor of Ridgefield HamletHub

You have been very accurate all season. — @simolina

If u live in Fairfield County, CT; u need to follow SWCT/NY Weather.  Guy nails it every time. — Jeremy Jennings

Great info…that is accurate and up to the minute…you are spot on!  Thanks! — Erika Larsen

Very happy with all the work that SWCT/NY Weather has done for this winter season. — @glenndprice

For anyone living in Fairfield county, I swear by SWCT/NY Weather.  He’s amazing. — @Ofbooksandbikes

We thank you again for your great coverage!  A powerful storm, and I knew what to expect thanks to you. — Mitchell McKelvey

Awesome storm coverage and that’s so important for us as we are almost always open! — Chef’s Table, Fairfield

You do a great job!  Have increasingly grown to rely on your very accurate reporting. — @ellefink

If you want to hear what real weather forecasting is, you should follow SWCT/NY Weather.  All fact, no filler. — Juan Carlos Vega

I really love the SWCT/NY Weather blog.  Everyone with a student in New Canaan should follow it. — @LADCT1

You are doing a great service!  One of the only we trust with storms; great work! — Dave Kneisel

If you are not following SWCT/NY Weather, you are missing the best local weather forecasting around.  You have been warned. — Marty St. George

Live anywhere NEAR Fairfield County?  Want to be one step ahead of ANY weather news?  Follow SWCT/NY Weather – the ONLY one who is consistent. — @juljohnamo

If you’re not following SWCT/NY Weather and you live in/around Darien, you’re missing the most accurate info around. — Mitchell Kreuch