Hello and welcome to the newly upgraded SWCT/NY Weather site!  Over the past few weeks the site has undergone a significant amount of changes in order to improve the quality for both Premium subscribers and those coming just for the occasional free forecast.

We wanted to take this time to introduce you to what the new site has to offer.  Over the coming weeks and months ahead of the winter season we may continue to roll out new functionality for users, but a new report schedule is now set.  The first change that some of you may have noticed is an increase in the activity of our Twitter account, @SWCTWeather.  This account will now feature weather analysis daily so is definitely worth a follow if you don’t follow already!

More consistent free content will also be coming to the website as well.  Every Wednesday we will be publishing a “Weekend Look” forecast that lets you know what we are expecting for the weekend.  The first one will be posted later today and will look at the coming weekend.  It will include an analysis of what risks there are to the forecast, what types of weekend activities may be best in the weather, what the chances of precipitation and temperatures look like, and how confident the forecast is.  Additionally, during any winter weather events we will be posting free forecasts ahead of the storm to warn of wintry accumulations, precipitation types, and timing of storms.  These will generally be posted about 36 hours before the worst of the storm is expected to hit, and updated as the storm comes closer into focus.  We will occasionally release snippets of Premium reports also analyzing future storms that look to hit the area as well.  For those that are interested, all Free content will also be sent over our Free mailing list (along with occasional previews of some Premium content as well that will only be available to those on the mailing list!) so signing up for this new Free mailing list is certainly worth your time!

For Premium subscribers we will be releasing new report formats to ensure quick and easy understanding of all weather threats over the next few weeks.  The largest change that will be noticed right away will be the inclusion of Daily Reports that outline “threat days” over the coming two weeks.  This analysis will highlight when significant chances of rain or storms are appearing on guidance, and will analyze temperature trends both in the short-term on an in depth basis and in the long-term on a more general basis.  The reports (seen on the Samples page) will be quickly and easily digestible, and will also come with a paragraph of commentary on what is the most important part of the forecast, what is lowest confidence, and what has changed since yesterday.  Along with these will be specialized reports ahead of any severe weather threat or Nor’ Easter that outlines specifically what the threats are to the region, what the timing of any threat will be, and what the best course of action would be in preparing for these storm threats.  If necessary they will go in great detail about potential power outage or wind damage threats, though such events only occur a couple times a year.

There will still certainly be some remnants of the older site on here, however.  We will continue to offer Premium clients detailed travel and school analysis around winter storms.  Our most detailed Premium reports will focus on winter weather, in which we will analyze everything from timing of precipitation types to confidence in accumulation ranges, ensuring that school delay and closure percentages are provided for subsets of every county we forecast for.  The result will be the most compact detailed analysis yet of winter storms, allowing Premium subscribers to quickly and easily see everything they could possibly need to know about impending winter weather.  These three page reports start first with school/travel impacts, then go into timing and accumulation, and end with model images and a discussion on forecast risks and confidence (again, these can be seen in the sample section).  Depending on the severity and duration of the storm the templates may be tweaked, but all will follow this general style, ensuring that all potential questions about winter storms are answered.

What all this means, though, is that you should bookmark swctweather.com now to ensure you continue receiving the latest weather information for the SWCT/NY Weather.  For the first time in over four years this site is going to be regularly maintained year-round, providing weather analysis constantly to subscribers and visitors alike.  We are greatly looking forward to this new chapter, and are excited for you to join us!

-The SWCT/NY Weather Team
(A subsidiary of Bespoke Weather Services)

PS. Below you will find all of our older Free posts dating back from the last winter.  We’ve kept all older forecasts on the site as well in case you feel like going back and verifying any of our previous calls!